Ellé Bell Café

A Coffee & Gift Shop
111 W. Main St., Union SC

Historic downtown Union, SC

Elle Bell Cafe is nestled right into downtown near the courthouse. It is a place of laughter, peace, and harmony. A place where people of all different walks of life meet. Where comfort comes in cups, and hugs in mugs.  Lined with tables and good vibes, the cafe is now open and happy to serve you! I am Phil, your barista , come on over to a place where there is coffee love, life and color everywhere.  

Coffee Love. Write it, read it, pass it on...

Each coffee-lover is their own individual and unique person. In all nations across the globe we  raise a mug to one another, standing together united on coffee's common grounds. We may be meek before that first sip ~ but never underestimate a coffee lover empowered by dreams, flying high in an unlimited imagination, and fueled by caffeine! I am here to tell you absolutely anything is possible! Look around, this Cafe is my dream and proof that with a little coffee and elbow grease, anything is possible! Lounge over here with a good hot mug of Joe, and contemplate life a while.  Let's talk of encouraging and positive things, about romance and adventure. When passion and imagination join hands in coffee love, good things happen!

Don't be a stranger, check in again real soon to see what's new!