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Posted on August 27, 2011 at 7:35 PM

In my minds eye I imagined sweet, gentle tropical breezes gently blowing through my hair set against a secluded white sandy beach backdrop where the foamy ocean waves symphony plays natures concerto. This is the goal, I think to myself in the days preceding my departure. Yes, this is the goal. Of course I have the body of Nicki Manaj and blond flowing mane of Shakira, but still - yes, this is the goal.

One may suspect that this being my first real vacation since I was a teenager 22 years ago that I would want to run around like a crazy person and take in all that this wonderful state has to offer. Honestly, it is quite the contrary. I don't have a lot of expectations, or should I say needs that I must have met while on vacation. I certainly do not want to DO a lot of things in this short time so that I come back to my life exhausted, needing a vacation to recover from my vacation.

So far, IPod and I have spent a lot of time together. We have danced together almost every square inch of this (amazing) condo in our underwear, sat in our pajamas on the screen porch where we enjoyed a hard lemonade together and soaked in the most awesomest wonderful ultimate dream lavender jacuzzi bubble bath.

I have a companion with me who often traveled in this geographical area, whose finances afford us to do anything and willingness to do everything I want to do. Over and over I heard the mantra "This is your vacation, its about what you want to do this week" While there may be many women out there who would fall over from heart failure to hear such a thing, and some would even perhaps take advantage of such a proposal - I am a much simpler creature with simple tastes and requiring way less to make me absolutely blissful. This week I have absolutely proved that.

While I did have plans to go to Universal and the beach, looks like the beach is the only thing I really want to do. Maybe I am getting old, but I just can't see spending all that money (even if it is someone elses) to go and walk around all day in the hot sun and look at stuff seeing as I am beyond the era of roller coasters ( I got sick on the carnival swings when I was 12 and even watching merry go rounds in the park to this day make me queasy) But it is so hot, and actually I have been sick. And let's not mention the hurricane that's coming...

Since my arrival here I have been sick. I don't know why but I have been. Maybe its all the stress leaving my body one ache and pain at a time. Maybe I operated on a level of stress above sickness and as I relaxed here it came out of me, either way something good is happening to me. One thing I am oober thankful for is I have someone with me who is receptive of the changes in me and responds by taking care of me. The other night I awoke with what felt like shards of ice slicing through my body, goosebumps which are usually transient for me stood fiercely off every inch of my body and all I could do is shudder to keep from freezing into one solid block of ice. Walking into the living room I saw him on the couch sleeping, one whisper of his name and he was at my side. One touch, and he confirmed I was burning with a fever. He did not leave my side even one minute, but took care of me until my fever broke some time that morning. I have been tired, achy and sore ever since.

We have been out and about, I even dressed up in my denim dress and heels yesterday. And as the rain poured down all the onlookers under the overhang watched intently as he stood in the rain and opened my car door for me then carried the umbrella over me until we were safe from the rain under the overhang. It was lunch and some quick shopping but when we got back a few hours later I was exhausted. Is he blaming me for ruining the vacation? No, because "This is my vacation, its about what I want to do ( or not do) this week".

So today, I am going to the beach. Not to bask in the sun, or to listen to the waves or lay out on the sand. I am going to watch the hurricane pass by the Florida coast. Never saw a hurricane before... then I can scratch that one off my list.

Then I will probably come back here sit in a warm jacuzzi tub filled with bubbles and lavender salts, then finish up by doing nothing really, really slow... until I check out on Saturday:)


Categories: Lovin' Life

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