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Ellé Bell Café

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Sink Reflections

Posted on March 21, 2012 at 7:40 PM

As the ragged edges are trimmed off the day I find my therapy in a hot, soapy sink full of dishes. Over the past few hours my glass of white zinfandel disappears sip by sip while thoughts somersault through my mind, and eventually I drift back to where I once was in a time and place lost long ago. Childhood.


I was raised in a small village on a lake, and on a farm in the middle of nowhere on the weekends. Whether I was spending a quiet day deep in the woods of Pine River or swimming off the shores of Lake Winnebago I realize my childhood was saturated in imagination, innocence and simplicity. Life for me was grounded in nature. I remember millions of imaginary adventures, meditating on the sound of the pine needles as they dropped through a web of branches to find the forest floor, laying in the tall grasses of a flowered meadow having conversations with the animals I saw in the clouds, perched barefoot on a mossy bank as the waves lapped the sandy beach in my secret place - my childhood was good.


Yes, I have heartbreaking stories- sad tales that I will not waste my time repeating. I will not live there. I do not want to remember a life through memories soaked in tears of sadness. I just don't go there. Sometimes I walk through the door of that place and look around. "yup, it's still here", then I turn around and close the door behind me. Sometimes I look at those stories and realize they are not sad at all anymore. I pick them up and shake the dust off them and see the priceless value of the lesson learned from the pain. Then it becomes like gold to me. Over time, one by one, the pains of these priceless stories disappear from my memory as they gain their wings to fly out of that dark place and soar into the sun. I believe positive energy and goodness comes from within. Sometimes you have to change the way you look at things, even the bad things, to find the beauty and value in it. You will find that just like Dorothy, you had it all along…


Always savor each moment as you relive the goodness at the end of the day. Tell people you love them. Love, peace and laughter are meant to be shared. If you have a hard time getting to the place where what I say makes any kind of sense – maybe you need a hot, soapy sink full of dishes to help you meditate.


Categories: Pearls of Wisdom

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