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Ellé Bell Café

A Coffee & Gift Shop

111 W. Main St., Union SC




Posted on September 13, 2012 at 8:30 PM

Locked deep inside a sullen spot in my heart, a dream silently lingered. Suffocating the hope out of that dream, it was slowly dying inside the walls I built around it. Days and months crawled by, even years, and the belief that I could touch the sky withered until finally it began the process of relinquishing the hold it had on me. Thoughts, beliefs and emotions bared themselves without their protective cover to keep them safe, and exposed they lay naked to the elements they surrendered to. Occasionally a fresh breath of life would spark that dream to shake the dust off its dry bones, and with anticipation would look up over the walls, searching the open expanse of darkness for its rescue…but over time grew tired and weak, curling up to hold itself and be still again to stop the pain of dying.

And then it rained.

  Cool and wet, the life that fell from the clouds began to wash the despair from the shadowed places that outlined the remains of that dream. The sun peeked over the wall and the rays warmed it's weathered skin. Breathing deep the sweet air, freedom and hope danced around the dream until finally on it's feet, the richness of life pulsed again. The steps that began stiff and rigid, smoothly flowed into a delicate, graceful dance that flowed on the honeysuckle breeze. And then you were there.

And it was obvious this dream was meant to laugh, twirl and dance. Like a brilliant rainbow palette, we became two animate, kaleidoscopic vapors dancing on the wind. Laughing and swirling around one another, over then under - then catching one another before spinning and tumbling. Neither afraid to touch the ground, knowing one will never let the other fall. We soar to touch the sapphire sky and as I reach out, it tickles my fingertips. Then as quick as a blink, each whisp succumbs to the dreams held captive for so long and together vanish into the morning sun.


Categories: Lovin' Life

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