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Café Passion: A Java Romance


Café Passion is deliciously composed as excerpts from a java addict's diary - a diverse, creative collection of positive, fun and romantic thoughts the reader can pick up and read from cover to cover, or one random page at a time. It is a dedicated and timeless tribute to coffee love, and is perfect as a gift for any fun-loving coffee aficionado!

Get ready to be transported to the magical land of coffee love!

This book is a first-crush, puppy-love, pure in heart coffee love manuscript. An incredible, against- the-odds love story of the two most unsuspecting of lovers- my coffee and me. From that innocent first luring glance when our eyes met, our romantic adventures, sensual encounters and every thought and feeling in between is a part of this home-spun love tapestry.

Coffee lovers everywhere will relate, and eventually I dream we all may be part of a global coffee-love movement!

Any coffee-lover's coffee table would be complete showing off the ultimate coffee love book!! Get yours today!

Go ahead- ...indulge!

Enjoy each passage and savor each luscious, coffee-love moment right down to the


Here's a steamy excerpt just for you **wink wink** :

" ...There he was, and I saw him-

dark, rich, handsome-

standing so close, leaning into me

against the bathroom door.

His dreamy gaze met mine,

and he flashed an irresistible smile.

He took my breath away,

and my goodness – smelled so good!

I breathed him in…

"Coffee,” I gasped,

“Where have you been?

I have been waiting for you"...

He leaned even closer to me;

I felt his steamy breath

caress my neck... "

Café Passion makes a wonderful gift for that special coffee lover in your life- for all occasions!



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