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Ellé Bell Café

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111 W. Main St., Union SC

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Café Passion ORGANIC Cameroon 100% Peaberry, French Roast, 1/2 lb Bag


What coffee could possibly be good enough to bear the Café Passion name? Imagine a coffee, so rich with natural oils it's deep color and heavenly essence is almost guaranteed to make you fall in love?! It's our very own Organic Cameroon Boyo Peaberry Belo Farmers French Roast!

As an organic coffee, the beans were never exposed to unnatural chemicals or pesticides that would taint or alter the beans natural taste or appearance during the growing process, and their obvious beauty is allowed to shine through with each delicious cup! Our organic coffee delivers a bean of impeccable quality, you will taste the difference at first sip. Never burned-tasting or bitter, our Cameroon Peaberry is a dark delicious surprise that will sweep you up in it's loving embrace again and again...

Let's talk specs:

Roast Level: French

Producers: Belo Farmers, Boyo Region, Cameroon

Body: Heavy

Palate and Aroma: Spicy, Earthy, Smoky, Hint of Grapefruit

To truly understand how awesome Peaberry coffee really is, you should first take a moment to read this:

These beans are cultivated and sold by Cameroon Boyo Coffee. Cameroon Boyo Coffee is a company owned by individual farmers in the Boyo region of Northwest Cameroon. These farmers are able to directly benefit from the sales of their beans, which helps them maintain a better quality of life while simultaneously producing a higher quality bean. Their peaberry is so elongated that they refer to it as a longberry. Yes! These peaberries are beautifully plump and long. These Cameroon beans maintain a bold, rich and earthy flavor, but the peaberry contributes a light spiciness not found in the regular beans. The beans are then roasted at a local roaster in Spartanburg, SC to medium-dark, which brings out a heavy body and smooth finish. After our coffee completes the roasting process, it is immediately packaged the same day, ensuring a fresh and quality coffee every time!

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