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Ellé Bell Café

A Coffee & Gift Shop

111 W. Main St., Union SC

My Coffee Thoughts... they're like snacks, but with words...

                                                                                                             ...deliciously inviting words...

"I am completely entranced by you, your sweet taste lingering on my tongue … the way you softly kiss my lips, the immediate passion … our eyes meet and we are entwined together in this, the perfect affair ... I take my last sip of deep decadence and you are gone, the memory of us together lingers...

Coffee, we belong together…"

~ Cafe Passion: A Java Romance

  "Sleepily lying enveloped in masked and velvet-caped coffee fantasies, where my sweet love, the brave espresso roast draws his mighty sword and swoops in to rescue me... then whisks me away in his safe and strong arms ...and I smile, even though I know my handsome hero exists only in my dreams. "

~ Cafe Passion: A Java Romance


I'm closing my eyes, breathing you in... your sweet taste lingering like coffee kisses on my lips. Slowly licking, deliciously swiping the last tastes of you... Every part of me screams in desire for you to wrap me up in your passionate embrace.

Take me, I belong to you..